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Disclaimer: Shows on WNYX Radio may contain adult language, sensitive subject matter and adult material. Listener and Viewer discretion is advised. Opinions expressed by the on air personalities do not reflect the opinions of WNYX or its affiliates.

Listeners who call in or text shows on WNYX are doing so at their own risk. Although we try to not offend or upset anyone these things happen. You and you alone are responsible for what you say, so be careful and mindful when talking about others. We do not edit live portions of the show for content. Calling into an on air show is a verbal agreement of consent to use your voice and likeness for station purposes such as advertising or on demand segments and sound bites. However if it is determined that a host is or was being malicious or threatening in nature we will work with you to correct the issue.

If you wish to have something removed from a show or online, please email us at It will be forwarded to the appropriate party for review. Requesting removal does not guaranty removal.