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If you are interested in an interview or submitting music for airplay. Please follow these instructions.

Music submissions for airplay: Send a BIO, mp3’s and pics to Also please include a signed copy of  the appropriate form below. Your submission will be forwarded to the appropriate show for review. You will receive an email from the show with their response. IMPORTANT: Music submitted without proper metadata can not be aired. Wnyx will not air any music without a media release from the copyright owner. If you are not the copyright holder, you must get and submit a signed media release from the appropriate party.

Request for in-studio or phone interview: Please fill out the in studio or interview form, include dates and times when you will be available for an interview.Your submission will be forwarded to the appropriate show for review. You will receive an email from the show with their response.

ATTENTION PLEASE READ: We have no influence on the listeners reaction. They have no idea of what they will be hearing ahead of time, and we are not responsible for their opinion. If you receive a negative review, which is determined by listener response your submitted song will be removed from on air play. If you receive a positive status, we will continue to air your material and forward your info to one of the artist management companies / labels we have relationships with for further review. We make no promises, once submitted it is completely up to them if they wish to pursue you.


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